With an abundance of ministry opportunities and the vast basic needs of the people of Honduras, Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana (http://www.comunidadcristianahn.com) works tirelessly to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Under the leadership of Pastor Wilmer Godoy, the ministry serves the poorest of the poor where the Honduran lempira barely scratches the surface of endless need.

Leave the 99 Ministries exists to advocate, raise awareness and funds, and support the ministries of Pastor Wilmer in Honduras. In doing so, we become part of bringing hope (Jesus) to the hopeless, and impacting the lives of countless children.


With a heart for missions and financially supporting multiple local and foreign ministries, Mitch and Faye Sentovich believe they have been called to come alongside Pastor Wilmer Godoy to accomplished the work God has commissioned him to do in his native country of Honduras. 

Faye was first introduced to Pastor Wilmer on a mission trip to Honduras in the spring of 2012. As a worship leader, she had an instant connection with him through music, but more importantly she saw the humility and passion he displayed for his people. The following year Mitch and Faye had the opportunity to travel together on a mission trip to Honduras, where Mitch also developed a strong connection with Pastor Wilmer. Since then, they have each made trips to Honduras to minister with Pastor Wilmer.

Mitch and Faye were instrumental in raising funds to help the Godoy family of six acquire visas, and have hosted the family in their home on several occasions. During a subsequent visit by Pastor Wilmer to the United States, they held a fundraiser to help build a house for the Godoys in a safer area of San Pedro Sula. Funds were raised in 2018 & 2019 which resulted in the purchase of a school bus for the ministry. In November 2020, they were instrumental in collecting more than $7000 in relief funds which Pastor Wilmer used to purchase food and essential supplies for the thousands in Honduras who were left homeless by the hurricanes.

Mitch and Faye desire to be vessels, willing to be used by God as He chooses. Creating and instituting their U.S. non-profit, Leave the 99 Ministries, Inc, affords greater fund-raising opportunities and support of the ministry needs in Honduras.

Leave the 99 Ministries Inc. is a faith-based ministry committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation registered with the state of Florida.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Your contributions make a world of difference to the kids of Honduras.