Pastor Wilmer Godoy
Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana

At work in the community by loving God and serving others.

“Our purpose and mission as a church is to, first and foremost, love God with all of our hearts, our souls, and our minds, and then to serve others by way of love.” - Pastor Wilmer Godoy

The first – of now thirteen churches – was established in 2010 by Pastor Wilmer Godoy and his wife, Yeni, in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They rented a building and began an outreach program serving the community and have seen God change lives and do many amazing things. 

Self-taught on thirteen musical instruments, God led Pastor Wilmer to use this talent to invite children into the church to learn to play instruments, sing and worship God. Within a few short years the Freedom Band was formed, and there are now twelve musicians who rotate. 

Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana and the Freedom Band accepts invitations to minister in churches throughout Honduras and other parts of Central America. This has brought about the planting of twelve additional churches, with the same mission, in locations throughout Honduras, including one each in Mexico and Nicaragua.

Each of the thirteen congregations believe that leadership and discipleship development are a main focus.  They are making disciples and sending them out beyond the four walls of the church building. Ninety percent of the church is children and youth who come from very difficult situations, but are being transformed by the power of God.

Pastor Wilmer leads the Freedom Band, is worship leader at Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana San Pedro Sula, is a translator, guitar and keyboard player. He takes mission groups around Honduras, and sometimes other countries. Yeni, is a psychologist and uses her knowledge and God inspired wisdom to minister to the children, as well as adults. 

God has given Pastor Wilmer and Yeni great vision for the future and their hearts are full of excitement as they step out in faith for what He is asking them to do. They are believing for land and a building where a Community Center can be developed. This building would allow them to serve more people, provide new programs to benefit entire families and communities, and be able to accommodate more people. This will enable them to reach more souls for the Kingdom of God. 

Prior to the 2020 pandemic and two devastating hurricanes, there were approximately 75 young children who participated in Pastor Wilmer’s outreach program. Most from broken homes with one or both parents in gangs or prison. Wilmer, Yeni, their three sons and one daughter, and a few volunteers, opened the church building seven days a week, from 8am to 10pm to offer these children a safe haven. Financial donations provided the children with a meal. Donated instruments and computers made it possible to teach music and computer skills. Pastor Wilmer also acquired “scholarships” for these children to attend a bilingual school of the arts. These talents and lessons helped prepare the children for a successful future and a way out of poverty and crime.

During 2020 needs changed and the ministry had to switch gears. The church building became a shelter in the aftermath of the hurricanes and financial donations were utilized to provide food and basic needs to those who lost what little they had. The older children from the outreach program became volunteers, reaching out to help their neighbors get back to “normal.”

Currently, schools throughout Honduras are closed. Music lessons and feeding the children must take place in a park, or other wide-open space. Located in the middle of a rough, gang infested neighborhood, the two-story rented building in San Pedro Sula is dilapidated and the rent and utilities are costly. Previously donated computers are now obsolete and/or no longer working. The majority of the building’s ground floor is open air and used for church, where approximately 200 people used to gather for worship. Upstairs is a room approx. 22′ x 40′ where the Freedom Band practiced, and includes a small sound and recording “studio.”

The church building was a safe haven for the neighborhood children. At home they are exposed to drugs and alcohol and most experience physical and mental abuse. Many of the girls have been, or are being, sexually abused. At the church the children were safe. 

Nearly all were learning to play the piano, some were also learning to play the trumpet or saxophone, and several play the drums, guitar and bass guitar.  These children became part of the Freedom Band, playing worship for crusades and at the prison. The Freedom Band is highly sought after throughout Honduras and Central America.

Raising funds to purchase land and build a “community center” would allow many of the outreach programs to begin again. There would be space to “social distance.” Rent dollars would be turned into ownership dollars. The children could once again find escape from the vulnerability they experience at home. Please pray with us for God’s protection, wisdom and direction as we endeavor to increase this ministry and serve the people of Honduras.

One of many success stories is Louis. While only a teenager Louis fell and broke his back when working. The fall left him paralyzed at the waist and, shortly after the accident, his mother passed away. Louis had gone into deep depression and was ready to commit suicide when Pastor Wilmer saw him on the street and began to minister to him. Pastor Wilmer offered to teach Louis to play the bass guitar at no charge if he would come to church to learn. Louis agreed, became an accomplished bass player, moved into a room at the church, and began to teach the children the bass guitar. Although Louis is confined to a wheelchair, he knows his strength and success comes from the Lord, Jesus Christ. Now married with a family, Louis used the skills he learned under Pastor Wilmer to secure employment and is supporting his family as an audio engineer. But God!

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”  -Eph 3:20-21 NKJV

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